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Trailer Rental Program


As most of you know the Deputies Association purchased a trailer for storage and public relations purposes. The association has been pondering another way the trailer can be a benefit to membership, and decided to roll out the following program. Active members will now have the ability to rent the trailer from the association for $20 dollars a day. A day will be considered the calendar day the trailer was picked up. A $20 dollar charge will be applied for every calendar day the member is in possession of the trailer.

The association believes this would be a good way to utilize an asset we have to members that are moving, purchase a large item, or are participating in a relief effort. The money applied will go into the trailer maintenance/benevolent fund for situations that will arise in the future.

While in transport with the trailer the members vehicle insurance will cover the trailer. In the event the trailer is damaged the member will be responsible for fixing the damage that occurred in their possession. The member will need to show proof of a valid Texas DL and insurance upon picking up the trailer.

This rental fee is lower, for a larger trailer, than local rental companies and we are excited to bring this program to our dedicated members. Email M. Rumfield to set up an appointment. Due to interest in the program you must schedule a day/time to pick up the trailer at least 48 hours ahead of time. Exceptions to this rule will be looked at on a case by case basis.