Watch Your 6

ccso car courthouseIt has been a rough journey down the law enforcement road recently. We have seen an increase in both successful and not-so-successful ambushes on police across this nation. War has been declared on Texas cops by the black lives matter idiots that don't actually have anything to do with the original intent for that moniker. I have needed to post something to membership for awhile, but like you I've had a hard time dealing with recent events so I waited. Attending Deputy Goforth's funeral was emotionally taxing, but also very encouraging. I saw cops from all over the country and even saw some from Canada and London. It was an absolutely huge ceremony and showing for the LEO community. Multiple agencies from the Collin County area sent representatives, including Constable, Pct 4 and the Sheriff's Office. I'm not sure if other Constable precincts sent anyone down or not, but if so I'm proud of their showing as well.

I decided tonight was the night I needed to address everyone because 9-11 is upon us tomorrow. These hate groups have put out kill orders to their followers for 9-11 on all police. Ladies and gents, I can't express to you how much we need to keep our heads on a swivel right now. We are targets, so we might as well be bad targets to them. We should be monitoring our mirrors every other second if possible driving down the road. We should be physically looking over our shoulders at red lights scanning for threats. If you have a secondary weapon in the vehicle with you it should be at the ready, but out of view of civilian traffic. We shouldn't have our backs to the masses if possible when outside the vehicle and speaking with someone. Now is the time to feel like you're paranoid and hyper vigilant. Now is the time to make sure your weapon is clean and functional. Now is the time to make your vest is maintained. Ladies and gents, we are at war not with society, but with hate groups that want to kill us. The chances of us engaging in combat on U.S. soil is higher than at any time since I entered into this business in 1997.

If we have to engage in combat then be mentally and physically prepared to engage the enemy and WIN! You do not have permission to fail and under no circumstances do you have permission to lose the fight!!

Monitor each other on MDC maps. Know where your buddies are at all times. Listen to their voices for signs of stress. Start their direction when they're on something. We can't be too careful and yes we must exaggerate everything right now.

I know morale sucks at the moment in some agencies. I recently made a move myself because I simply didn't want to deal with it any longer. I understand. Right now, that doesn't matter. Staying alive every shift and keeping your buddy alive every shift is the only that matters right now. Commands will fade out and new people will come in. We don't come to work for them--we come to work for each other!

Watch your 6. Stay vigilant. Stay alive. Go home.

Stay safe and stay locked in.
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